2016 Annual Conference: Registration

2016 GEOEC Post Card Revision 4

2016 GEOEC Conference Registration

2016 GEOEC Call for Presenters

Program Proposal:
The 2016 Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) Peaks to Learning Conference brings us to historic Nordegg Alberta where we will celebrate and learn from the innovative practices of educators from across Alberta. Whether you define yourself as an ‘Environmental Educator’, ‘Global Citizenship Educator’, ‘Outdoor Educator’ or prefer to work across or outside those labels, you are invited to submit a session proposal for this year’s Conference. We are looking for highly interactive sessions that enable us to make use of the outdoor spaces available to us at our beautiful location.

Calling ALL Educators!

Are you a Science teacher collaborating with a Social or Language Arts teacher to promote cross curricular competencies in your students? Or you might be a Social teacher working with Environmental Education teachers to create global understanding of the human impact resulting from climate change. Do you strive to create student-led learning activities and dynamic action projects in your classroom or school community? Maybe you are a Music teacher that brings education about the natural environment or international perspectives in your classroom? Does your school use the outdoor classroom or naturalization space in innovative ways to bring nature-based learning to life for your students?

Click on the following link to submit a Conference Session Proposal!


Picture Books for Peace: 12 of our Favourite Picture Books

On behalf of the University of Alberta’s Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development (CRTED) and the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for World Peace, we would like to invite you to check out our new book blog! The weekly series, entitled “Picture Books for Peace: Twelve of Our Favourite Picture Books,” will feature several of the books we have used (and still use!) in our work to build peaceful communities.

 Check it out here: 


We hope you enjoy!

Kirstie Blackmore