2015 Annual Conference: Registration and Final Conference Program

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2015 Conference Call for Proposals

The Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council is a specialist council through the Alberta Teachers’ Association whose mission is to provide quality professional development opportunities for teachers in these areas. This conference will be held at the Palisades which is a summer camp set-up.  We invite sessions to be interactive and for people to take advantage of the outdoor setting.

Download the form: Back on the Trail Presenter Proposal Form

2015 GEOEC Awards

The submission deadline for the 2015 GEOEC awards has been extended to April 9th, 2015. For more information please visit our Awards and Competitions page.

Picture Books for Peace: 12 of our Favourite Picture Books

On behalf of the University of Alberta’s Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development (CRTED) and the Mahatma Gandhi Foundation for World Peace, we would like to invite you to check out our new book blog! The weekly series, entitled “Picture Books for Peace: Twelve of Our Favourite Picture Books,” will feature several of the books we have used (and still use!) in our work to build peaceful communities.

 Check it out here: 


We hope you enjoy!

Kirstie Blackmore